In what is certainly breaking news, 2/3 of the legendary Swedish House Mafia have departed their long-time management company ATM Artists, headed by the one and only Amy Thomson, who was responsible for sky-rocketing SHM to the top of EDM stardom. She even had a few choice words regarding the recent upheaval.

“It’s a shame that I didn’t know the article was running today. At this time I’m not able to comment further, except I wish them the best. My role as manager of Swedish House Mafia and their rights management remains unchanged.”

Sebastian Ingrosso confirmed to Billboard that the pair are heading to At Night Management, the management company pioneered by Ash Pournouri, the man behind Avicii‘s wealth of success. Ash had some words himself, clarifying that he was, in no way, poaching the Swedish duo.

“The guys are close friends of mine, so we just started talking recently. But nothing is agreed, and I would help them regardless of who they continue their journey with. I have tremendous respect for what Amy has accomplished with them.”

Ingrosso also weighed in via Twitter, attempting to put down any rumors of poaching or a non-amiable parting of ways.

In addition to this heavy blow to ATM Artists, some speculate that Alesso might soon depart to At Night Management as well due to his tendency to follow in Sebastian Ingrosso’s footsteps. While this is surely concerning to Amy Thomson, the legendary manager of Swedish House Mafia, we’re sure she’ll be looking for talent to fill the void and hope to hear more from ATM Artists soon.


H/T Billboard