Interscope Records released the Stash Konig remix of “Renegades” back at the very end of August. Although the X Ambassadors original already had a music video, that didn’t stop anyone from making another one for Stash’s remake. The video embodies the renegade lifestyle, with spray painting in particular being highlighted. In going back and forth between the intimate live playing of the track and the urban scenes, the juxtaposition makes for an engaging visual experience. Check out what Stash had to say about the project, then watch the video below!

My ‘Renegades’ remix video is everything I envision when I hear the word renegade. I loved the original video by the X Ambassadors for the beautiful message it conveyed, but I wanted to show some love to the urban renegades out there as well. I’m not trying to encourage the world to go out and spray paint renegades “everywhere” but i wouldn’t be mad if it happened! #Stash

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