Stonebank has been an individual who works with so many genres and sounds. From DnB to dubstep, house to hardstyle, this artist is unstoppable.

This time, he brings to Monstercat some well needed complextro, and this track is called “Blast from the Past” As many of you may be aware, complextro is known for it’s skillfully structured sound design. Stonebank really hit the nail on the head with this tune by focusing on hard hitting bass, fluttering electronic effects, and keeping listeners guessing. I love the build up in the beginning, as it almost sounds like an uplifting house song, but then slams into a massive electro house filled vibe. This is definitely a tune with a lot of energy to keep you moving and listening. Stonebank clearly harnesses a lot of creativity by challenging himself to take on the best of all worlds when it comes to electronic music. Be sure to check out more from Stonebank by following the social media links below, and keep listening for more awesome music.