Zac Brown Band made headlines earlier this year for their electronic-influenced album Jekyll + Hyde, but even moreso for the Avicii-produced “Broken Arrows” that they feature on.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Country, Zac Brown reveals that there’s more to come.

I love electronic music. I spend a lot of my time listening to that and just trying to understand what makes it work — what makes it move people the way it does and why they have some of the best-selling festivals in the world.

Their status as a country band might be in jeopardy, according to some of their more fervent fans. But as we’ve seen from Avicii himself when he pioneered a new sound at Ultra 2013, or hell, even Taylor Swift who moved from country to pop, change is not always a bad thing.

You can de-select the songs that you don’t want to have on the record, but I hope we always put something out that has a lot of songs that the majority of people will love. So I’m working on new electronic music, and we’ll be writing the new Zac Brown Band record along the way.

Considering their well-documented success in country, we’re hoping they can replicate some of that magic in an otherwise stale EDM climate.


Source: Rolling Stone Country
Image courtesy of Billie Weiss/MLB Photos via Getty Images