Milk N Cooks is a progressive house duo who’s been grinding since their inception in 2009, releasing quality track after quality track. Many of their tracks up until now were given away for free, in an effort to promote their “post-bro house” sound and to gain exposure within the crowded sea of up-and-coming producers. Finally, the two have released their first official retail single, titled “Closer.”

Released on their own Chicago-based record label Kitchin Records, “Closer” represents a cumulation of Milk N Cooks’ efforts in their career thus far. The track features many key components of a modern progressive house song, including uplifting chords, a powerful vocal feature (delivered excellently by Lyon Hart), and a steady BPM. What differentiates this track, however, is most noticeably the drop: in lieu of slapping a cacophonous bigroom beat, Milk N Cooks opted for a completely original melody that could be described as world music meets EDM. It flows organically from the build-up, a true hallmark of progressive house that is sorely lacking in the genre these days. Milk N Cooks deftly balance retaining tried-and-true elements with experimentation, and for that we applaud their tenacity.

Head over to iTunes to purchase “Closer”, and listen to the track below: