The TomorrowWorld lineup has been out for a couple weeks now, and it clearly blew all expectations out of the water. An eclectic mix of top-tier and budding talent, the third edition of the Georgian festival pulled a lineup of the same caliber to years past if not higher. However, for those residing in DreamVille, one piece of information has been missing regarding their three days – The Gathering lineup.

The Gathering is the official warm-up party for TomorrowWorld that is exclusive to DreamVille residents, and TomorrowWorld did not slack on this year’s. Names like Mashpop, Comrad & Con, Stereo Killah, and more will be the first artists to kick-off the event before the big guns head to the stage to really take the party up a notch. FTampa, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Yves V, and Headhunterz are the spectacle of this year’s lineup for The Gathering and they will undoubtedly start TomorrowWorld 2015 out on the right foot.

If you’re an impulse buyer, tickets for TomorrowWorld 2015 still remain for next week.