Dynamic duo OxV continue to broaden their production horizons and top themselves with each new release. Their unique and bold creations counter the monotony that plagues many of the most popular tracks coming out of the dance music scene, while simultaneously providing comparable energy and effectiveness on the dance floor. Their latest release comes in the form of an instantly memorable remix of vocalist Ivy Levan‘s “27 Club.” If someone didn’t know any better, they may think they were hearing an original Jack Ü festival hit.

The track begins with light background percussion and distant, high-pitched cries and yelps. Ivy Levan’s sultry vocals enter the space quickly, and work alongside a resonant, tonal synth pad to create an upward swell. With an explosive burst of energy, the track evolves into a pumping anthem complete with stings of horn and an onslaught of claps. The vocal hook carries into the break, which divides the rhythm into a complex series of rapid kicks, tight snaps of bell, and a driving slide of layered synth that lies forward in the mix. A fast-paced but harmless snare roll accompanies Ivy during the rest, which sees the arrangement stripped of most of its melodic elements. The swell returns with newfound energy, and cascades back into the drop, full of exchanges between far off echoes and upfront dry swipes.