Grabbitz┬áhas been an incredibly busy artist over the past several months. From touring to producing, he’s on the rise in the industry and being recognized by all. His music is fresh, unique, and provides that dose of outside of the box creativity.

Although he released a huge EP not too long ago, he surprised listeners by releasing a new two track EP featuring “Don’t Stop” and “Ballin”. This EP is very different from his last, as this one provides power packed and high energy bass, dubstep, and trap infused beats. In both tracks, you can feel all of the originality and mind melting electronic sound just seeping through your ears. “Don’t Stop” has a really awesome dubstep influence to it, and each minute provides a different touch of wobbling, pulsing, and heavy hitting bass to the track. “Ballin” provides a sensational amount of trap and bass, giving light to an energized and hard tune that will keep you rocking for hours.

I absolutely love what Grabbitz has been doing with this career, and I am so glad he released this EP as Monstercat has been lacking a lot of “heavy” sound lately in my opinion. It’s artists like Grabbitz who break barriers and keep things in perspective for listeners of these genres. All music on Monstercat has been outstanding lately, don’t get me wrong. It’s just great to hear some of the sounds we came to know and love before future bass crept up a little further on this wonderful label. Be sure to look out for more from Grabbitz by following him on his social media links below, and look out for more work from Monstercat and friends!