William Crooks, someone unbeknownst to this writer for far too long, has quickly become one of my favorite go-to producers. Each of his tracks portray an entirely different sonic environment, but maintain a certain level of darkness and density that serves as his signature trademark. One of his most recent productions is an original trap beat called “In The Rice Trap Wit My Dreamcast.” Using thought-provoking vocal samples and a simple but timeless melody, this track now rests confidently in my top played list. It’s currently up for free download here.

The song begins with a sample vocal clip of a conversation between a man and an elderly woman, ending with this telling exchange: “I must keep busy otherwise I’ll get depressed.” “I understand.” Just as the response is finished, the beat breaks out into a heavy but relaxed rhythm, featuring a slow and steady hi hat selection and weighty kick drum. The stars of the beat become the melancholy, supportive piano and ethereal, oriental string. The minimalism of the arrangement is its most humanizing aspect, as the same loop continues for several bars without losing its emotional center. Eventually a short swell of violin leads to an explosion of horns, which continue to pump into the mix throughout the rest of the track. The same melody from the string is repeated by an ensemble of concert instruments, transforming it into an anthemic opera. With newfound importance, the loop carries the song to its end.

Click here to download the track for free!