Fantastic news for Chicago natives who love TooFuture music! There’s an awesome event going down at Subterranean to celebrate this collective’s #15 series, featuring Penthouse Penthouse on Saturday October 17th. Headphone Activist, Harris Cole, and Ian Ewing will be there to support, and it’s going to be a night you won’t forget.  You can grab tickets and gather important information about this show here on Facebook. I got to ask a few questions of Headphone Activist about this cool show, and here’s what he had to share with us:

So next month you are headed out to Chicago for your first showcase with the TooFuture crew. How are you feeling about this upcoming experience?

“I am super stoked for this show. One of the goals I made this year was to hit Chicago before the year ended. I am really happy and thankful that Run The Trap and Waveform Agency could make that happen for me.”

So it sounds like this will be your first time in Chicago right? Why is it such an important place to you?

“Yeah, this will be my first time in Illinois period. I hit Chicago on a layover during my west coast trip but didn’t have anytime to check out the city. Chicago also holds my biggest market. Every time I put out a new track, Chicago is one of the first cities to get my music moving via Soundcloud.”

So you are billed with Penthouse Penthouse as well then?

“Yeah its going to be a huge show. East coast meets west coast in the midwest, and it’s special because our sounds are similar yet shift drastically. Penthouse Penthouse is from the soulection camp, and has that signature sound where as I am incorporating more of a Hucci meets Flume sound with my sets. Should be dope!”

Well it sounds like you’re really excited about this journey. It also sounds like you are a really big fan of your fellow headliner, which must be really cool for you considering things.

“I really am and always have been a big Penthouse Penthouse fan. I am looking forward to this show, and I am hoping to be working with them on many more projects in the future.”

Check out more from these artists by following their social media links below, and get your tickets for this show now!

Penthouse Penthouse
Headphone Activist