Rodeo, the debut alum from Travi$ Scott, opened to big sales numbers after a much anticipated release. One of the album’s tracks, “Pray 4 Love”, features crossover star of the moment The Weeknd, and a rising producer in EDM has assumed the formidable task of flipping the track. BIG MAKK, an Orlando, Florida native making waves in the trap and bass scenes around the United States, is the man behind this flip, and his effort sets the bar for the numerous Travi$ Scott remixes surely to come.

Instead of giving “Pray 4 Love” the full remix treatment, BIG MAKK flips the track to retain its key production while injecting his own personality into Scott’s hip-hop psychedelia. As the Weenkd’s chilling vocals fade out, BIG MAKK launches a bone-shaking drop full of hard-hitting 808’s and a trippy vocal sample. Scott’s own autotuned vocals come into play as the track progresses, and BIG MAKK even adds dynamic flair to the voice that is quickly becoming one of the most influential in hip-hop. The best part? The flip can be downloaded free-of-charge straight from BIG MAKK’s Soundcloud.

Listen and download BIG MAKK’s “Pray 4 Love” flip below: