Stravy along with his trusty teammate IDGVF are back with a really weird and sensational track called “Unknown”. These two have been killing it lately, collaborating to create some of the most different and unusually fascinating tracks out there.

This new track they have dark house, something that is coming up on the horizon in our electronic realm. The tune begins with a haunting and filthy sounding build up, complemented with an echoing bass line and suspenseful tone. It drops into a canyon of wavering sound structure, followed by a hollow and creepy sort of water droplet sound in the background. It’s just amazing to hear something that can build you up and really kind of scare you at the same time. I can imagine this track being played in a weird and creepy haunted house rave in the middle of a forest. I also really enjoy the track art that comes with this tune, as it portrays some terrifying yet mystical looking beasts flying through a desolate desert wasteland. This track leaves so much to the imagination, and IDGVF and Stravy are to thank. Be sure to look out for more out of this dimension music from Stravy and IDGVF, and follow them on their social media links below!