INDO has definitely been on the rise, playing energetic sets and making music that’s sensational to the hears and mind. This next release he just posted yesterday called “Divergent” is absolutely golden.

It has so many different parts that just ooze creativity and drop some serious beats. It’s a bit dark in the beginning, and you aren’t really sure where it’s headed. But then you come to the enthralling build ups, swoops, and drops and you just lose yourself in a groovy and exciting rhythm. I love these tracks that have been coming out recently with super weird transitions and changes. It really adds a lot of fresh qualities to the production style and lets people know the artist is wanting to make everything, and not just stay in one place. The crowds INDO plays for are going to for sure eat this up. It’s six minutes of pumping electro, vibey bass house, and a dash of strong deep house. It’s really cool to see the direction he’s going in, and I am really hoping for more from him (hint hint, release an EP please!). Be sure to check out more from this incredibly artist on the rise INDO by follwing his social media links below.