Nashville-based producer Super Duper has just released his fifth in a series of original EPs through Vitalic Noise, serving as the most recent installment in a three year long timeline of work. Sessions: Vol 1 is chock full of ambitious and artful future bass tracks, the last of which is titled “Finale” featuring singer Ruelle. A joyful and optimistic end to the compilation, “Finale” utilizes intricate vocal sampling and wide, dynamic elements to create an atmosphere unlike any other on the list. Listen to the full EP here, and visit the iTunes Store to purchase it.

The track begins with short bursts of siren that are soon accompanied by pitched vocal cuts and resonant pads. Heavy kicks provide a powerful base to the cascade of tones that erupt underneath the ever-evolving voices. The beat eventually emerges with short pokes of vocals and a simple percussion arrangment. A warm sub rattles gently behind the production while tones of all different shapes and sizes come and go through the mix. The vocals finally take shape towards the end of the track, and unexpectedly raised this writer’s goosebumps.

Visit the iTunes Store to download the track!