While scrolling the endless expanses of Soundcloud last night, I happened upon someone named Mayke. With only 57 followers at the time, the presence on his account surprised me, as he had aesthetically confident artwork already displayed across his banner and on the two uploaded tracks. Unlike most producers with these numbers, his production quality and sound design were incredibly clean and polished, and his style was sophisticated and mature. It quickly became clear to me that this account had to be a side alias for an already established producer, perhaps trying out a new approach than taken with his/her main. Regardless, Mayke has a bright future in the scene, and has this writer waiting on the edge of his seat for new beats.

The two tracks uploaded by Mayke represent a similar vibe, both heated and sample-saturated trap rhythms worthy of recognition. “Cold Minds” utilizes Drake samples to keep the energy moving at a constant pace, all resting over a dynamic sub bass and unique, harsh stabs of synth. “Thoughts” is made memorable through its jarring and constant percussion hits, set in time over a deadly beat that slows its tempo to a gnarly crawl halfway through the track.  Listen to Mayke’s first two uploads below.

Download “Cold Minds” here for free!

Download “Thoughts” here for free!