Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, but you may know her as the Human Barbie. To the chagrin of many, Lukyanova is embarking on a global “Space Barbie Tour,” spanning the USA, Europe, Australia, Latin America, Japan, and China. Though the reactions are all-too-similar to those of Ruby Rose’s tour announcement, Lukyanova is indeed a professional DJ, and her debut EP is well under way with help from DJ Sender.

In VICE’s 2013 mini-documentary, Real Life Ukrainian Barbie, Lukyanova explained that her appearance to “promote [her] spiritual ideas.” The same theme will be behind the Space Barbie Tour, complete with mudras and ancient languages for spontaneous dancefloor meditation. THUMP recently spoke with Lukyanova to get the details on her upcoming tour, philosophies, and what music sounds like in deep space. Read on for a few highlights, and head to Thump for the full interview.

What do you hope to achieve through your DJ mission?

“I would like to reach the hearts of people through mystic sounds and their application in modern music. Everything that I do with sounds can help people find themselves and their essence: heal, see what has not been seen, hear what has not been heard, and open hearts to meet the unknown.”

Can you tell us more about the ancient languages you will use to facilitate meditation at your shows?

“There are languages that are no longer spoken, but combinations of sounds and vibrations have certain energetic messages. These messages can plunge one into happiness or sadness. They help people to buck up, feel more natural, or find themselves and develop their personality.”

What does music sound like in deep space?

“Music of the spheres. It is harmonious music that consists of different styles, speeds, and vibrations. It creates a very fundamental, calm, and even tone. This music includes joy and sadness, laughter and tears, loud and quiet, screams and whispers, and flickering fractals—multivariate singing of mandalas that never stops.”

Will people who attend the Space Barbie Tour ever be the same again?

“They will never be the same again, even if they really wanted to. The energy that descends during the set will change them from who they were before. It’s a very powerful and creative energy transformer.”


H/T THUMP | Photo by THUMP