With two days to go before the release of their sophomore album CaracalDisclosure dropped arguably the biggest track from their album yet. The long-awaited collaboration with Lorde has finally been revealed, a few days after the duo shared a snippet of the track via a minimix for Caracal. Entitled “Magnets”, the track marks a true blend of Disclosure and Lorde’s distinct musical styles.

On first listen, “Magnets” really sounds more like a Lorde track rather than a Disclosure song. Lorde’s soft vocals and sassy delivery dominate the production, and the catchy chorus comes amid synths and high-hats that don’t pull the same punch as Disclosure’s other instrumentals. The duo’s production rewards multiple listens, however, and they cleverly navigate Lorde’s dominating presence with melodies that at least resemble their sound. Overall, it sounds more like a Lorde feat. Disclosure song, but “Magnets” gets points for at least fulfilling expectations.

Caracal officially releases on September 25th, this Friday, but you can get a sneak peek by listening to “Magnets” below: