Tomorrow not only kicks off the first day of the highly anticipated festival, TomorrowWorld, but also sees the release of Rochester, NY natives KOPPS and their EP The Sound of Music. If you haven’t heard our previous premiere of “My Gold”, check it out after you hear this new one, titled “Dollas For Dimes”, you’ll be glad you did!

“Dollas For Dimes” can be best described like this: it’s as if grunge rock, dubsteb, and electronica all had a 3-way, producing this glorious, speaker rattling sensation. Lead singer Patricia lures you immediately in with a spine-tingling opener: “I might light you up and walk away, you won’t forget my face.” It builds into absolute chaos, while sirens ring throughout the background and a thunderous lead initiates further frenzy.

“Dollas For Dimes” is electrifying right to the core and probably one of my favorites from ‘The Sound Of Music’. Listen below and be sure to grab your copy of the EP tomorrow!