Martin Garrix is known for more than being a young, star EDM DJ/producer. He is also renowned for being a super nice guy despite all of the money and the fame, which tends to jade the average artist.

Now, Garrix has reminded us just how good of a guy he is by gifting one of his biggest fans unlimited access to any of his future performances.

The story goes as such: an adoring fan tweeted an image of his savings jar, meant entirely for attending Martin Garrix shows, flanked by limited edition signed 7Up cans, at the youngster. Garrix promptly responded and… well, check it out below.

As fans ourselves, there is no doubt that if our favorite artist reached out in such a manner to offer free passes to all future events that we would be giddy with delight as well, shaky with anticipation even! Shout out to Martin for proving, once more, why he is the deserving prince of electronic dance music.