Festival organizers can prepare for the worst, but Mother Nature has a way of circumventing human intuition. Weather has not been kind to TomorrowWorld this year, with a barrage of rain and thunderstorms creating dangerous conditions for campers in Dreamville and single-day ticket holders alike. Due to the inclement weather, TomorrowWorld announced that only attendees in Dreamville would be allowed into the festival for Sunday, effectively denying entry to anyone with only a single-day wristband or guest list spot.

This situation started early in the weekend, as rainfall turned the festival’s designated on-site parking area into a mud pit. Non-camping guests found their cars stuck in the mud, and festival organizers decided to close the lot. On Saturday, TomorrowWorld created a parking refuge at a Renaissance Fair nine miles from the festival grounds, running shuttles to and from the festival. However, continued rainfall turned the roadways into muddy obstacle courses, and shuttle runs were cancelled, leaving many attendees stranded in adverse circumstances. TomorrowWorld also closed off any drop-off locations for taxis or Uber drivers, forcing people to walk nine miles back to the parking lot.

Despite the cancellation, many hopeful guests took to TomorrowWorld’s social media pages to express anger over the closed access. TomorrowWorld did announce that they would detail a refund policy soon. Your EDM will keep you updated with further TomorrowWorld news as it develops.

View TomorrowWorld’s announcement and pictures from the post-festival disaster below:

tomorrowworld fb post

Image courtesy of TomorrowWorld