Deadmau5 has given a strange interview with the folks at Techcrunch, a company he himself is a partner and fan of. With his sporadic and unpredictable nature when in the limelight, Deadmau5 lives up to his reputation by providing some haywire antics and soundbites in the video below.

He starts the interview as he means to go on, by grinning maniacally and lunging into the camera, before staring at us wildly down the camera and jerking uncontrollably.

His chain smoking is almost brought to an abrupt end when he apparently fails to light his cigarette with what looks like a used cigarette butt. The interviewer gingerly offers his lighter, knowing Deadmau5’s credulity as a heavy smoker is at stake, but he was wrong. Deadmau5 eventually emerges with a lit cigarette and he lives to fool us all another day.

All in all it is an interesting interview, with plenty of insights into the world of the streaming industry. All those butt-hurt popstars earning only $5000 for millions of plays? Deadmau5 has no sympathy, according to him they should cut and run, and start up their own record label.

The problem with video games these days? They’re too hard for Deadmau5. So dumb ’em down, especially DOTA 2. Maybe his frustration with DOTA 2’s difficulty explains his actions at his performance last August

Watch the video here before le cringe army march in and ruin what is actually quite an insightful interview:

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Image via Rukes