If you haven’t jumped on the Arty bandwagon yet, trust me – now would be a very good time to do so.

Last week, the final preview track of Glorious was released, and it’s easily the best one yet. While tracks like “Stronger” ft. Ray Dalton and “Braver Love” ft. Conrad have been impressive, the album’s namesake stands out against the rest for being a track that teases just how diverse Glorious will be. The track starts as a somber, acoustic ballad sang by the delicate Blondfire, before Arty’s electronic production rushes in. The best part is that the “drop” doesn’t feel too EDM, and keeps the mellow vibe set by the song’s intro. While many know Arty for his bright, eye opening jams, “Glorious” is proof that the album is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen from the Russian producer.

Glorious hits stores next week, and we’re celebrating with an Arty Twitch Takeover! Learn more about the events and how to join in on the fun here.