Have you ever had the urge to dress up like everybody’s favourite French house producers? Do you and your BFF find yourselves struggling to pick a good coordinating outfit with Halloween coming up?

Fear not! At the fairly reasonable price of £20,853 ($31,540 USD), you can find yourself decked out in the exact outfit that Daft Punk showed up to the Tidal launch party in.

Flanked by your regular A-listers such as Deadmau5, Beyonce, Kanye West, Madonna, Jay-Z, and more Daft Punk looked suave in their $3,550 Yves Saint Laurent cardigans paired with $2,990 black trousers also from the renowned French luxury brand.

Unfortunately, if those two items still haven’t put a dent in your wallet the actual Daft Punk helmet might do just that. A quick look online places the value of a full replica of the iconic looking metal helmet at around $25,000 which would put the total outfit at $31,540.

Check out Daft Punk’s outfit before you decide to splash the cash, but for those who do – I salute you.


H/T: Harder Blogger Faster

Image Source: Harder Blogger Faster