Bassheads rejoice – there’s a brand new way to experience all of your low level beats. Aptly named, the Drop is described as a wearable audio device which uses vibration to create a unique listening experience. It allows you to feel the music by creating the same visceral sensation when confronted by a stack of large speakers.

Impressively, the device works so only you can experience its impressive output. The transducer sends vibrations into your inner ear which translates into sounds only you can apparently hear. Basically, you get to experience the power of a large PA system and you don’t have to annoy anybody on the bus. Also, if you don’t like its slightly futuristic look, a carefully poised backpack will not affect the listening experience.

It boasts a battery life of up to 20 hours and can be used professionally with it’s powerful bass perfect for the DJ booth or production studio. A fully assembled bassAware Drop costs $349 and is among the many bass products produced by NYC start-up bassAware Inc.

Watch the video below and see the product in action:

Source: Crowd Supply