Amidst all of the depressing things we all have been seeing on the internet lately, there are so many wonderful artists out there who giving back to their listener’s, not only through music but through human nature as well. Pegboard Nerds and Monstercat are again two wonderful examples of entities in the industry who support their fans in more ways than one. These two powerhouses just announced they are going to be helping people in a big way. Pegboard Nerds have a new EP coming out titled “Pink Cloud”, which everyone will be able to grab on October 23rd. All this month they will be donating all proceeds of their music sales, merchandise sales, and a few extra goodies towards Breast Cancer Research. You can find more details on this fantastic movement here, and look out for #PINKCLOUD today! Thank you guys for being so awesome by helping others. You all truly set a positive example for the rest of the electronic community, and I am sure I am not the only one who knows this!