Sweater Beats has just added to his recent streak of epic remixes with an optimistic, future bass twist on JoJo‘s “When Love Hurts.” Released through Atlantic Records, his flip utilizes her vocals in an unique and uplifting manner and finds the perfect balance between the original emotional level of the song and his own personalized approach.

The track begins with strikes of a bright marimba, until JoJo’s vocals enter center stage. The arrangement sees additions of percussion and vocal accompaniment, before the quick rise carries into the break. JoJo’s voice is mangled and thrown around the space while a simple and driving rhythm leads the charge. After a repetition, the track swells upward once more, this time finishing at a halftime trap beat with hi hat rolls and slippery vocal sweeps. It ends with a short piano interlude.

In addition to this release, Sweater Beats has announced a Future Feels world tour! From Europe to the States to Australia, Sweater Beats will play alongside such acts as Bondax, GTA, K Camp and Jai Wolf. More dates are soon to be added. Check the tour flyer below and book your tickets fast!

SB Tour Flyer