I really can’t put into words how happy I am to be premiering this new tune from Arizona-born Ownglow. At just 18 year old, this kid is taking the UK DnB scene by storm, already gaining support from Danny Byrd and playing around the clock at some of the best venues with some of the best artists in the game right now.

And once you hear one of his latest tunes, “Change Your Life,” you’ll understand why. Featuring perfect accompanying vocals from Thallie Ann Seenyen, this track is straight UK sound. From the quality of production to the instinct behind the sound design, you’d never guess Ownglow’s origins or age. But the track isn’t just good from a relative standpoint. It’s just plain good.

The fact is, this track is right up there with some of the best rising producers like Metrik, and even vets like Camo & Krooked (maybe not that good, but he’s close). Having known Sam Reeves, Ownglow, before he moved to the UK to pursue his passion, I cannot express my immense pleasure to know that he is more than succeeding, he’s pushing himself to the limits.