The weekend is here and it’s time to plan accordingly! Dirtystack and Diety are bringing the dancehall/trap vibes to you in a big way. Hailing from New Orleans, Dirtysack was formerly Fre$ha, but changed his name in favor of a much harder approach to his music. On the other side, Diety was a pioneer of the local trap scene in NOLA, introducing the vibrant music scene to a newer, more experimental genre, with great results.

As far as fresh new talent goes, both Dirtystack and Diety show a lot of promise, starting with “Just Us.” They also locked managed to lock down Clinton Sly, who had a big summer with a release of Bad Royale’s Welcome to the Badlands EP on Buygore. This trio make an anthemic trap/dancehall track out of “Just Us,” just by using a slower tempo than most tracks of this variety. If you enjoy the Mad Decent sound, I highly recommend you listen to this track and pick up a free download ASAP.