On this day, October 12th, 2015, we’re pleased to present to you the mind crumbling sounds of Hysteria Vol. 2. As Hysteria Records’ widely anticipated sophomore EP, Vol. 2 boasts three grime-laden tracks worthy of obsession, just have a listen for yourself.

Initiating the madness is Kenneth G & Jeff Doubleu’s “Big Dipper.” You’re definitely dipping into something big here, with its devilish, full-spectrum lead shining through the breakdown, and support by hollowed static to fill out the gaps. For round two, Hysteria tosses you “Inna Di Jungle” with Essentials & Fight Clvb, making the most of a tribal, tastefully off-time percussion. MC Vocab’s interspersed vocals remind us just where we’ve wandered, and yes, those are definitely monkey synths you’re hearing. Wrapping it all together is Antoine Delvig & Black Jogerz’ “Underground,” with its minimal tour de force bassline and bit-crushed glory. Rewound air filters let the track breathe in between demonic kicks, reluctantly releasing into a solid nightcap for this devious EP.

Simply put, if you’re into rough, gritty electro, you need this. Grab Hysteria Vol. 2 now via Beatport, and be sure to scope their socials for more quality jams.