Have you gotten funky today? Have a listen below and get your daily dose of weebles and wobbles, courtesy of J. Worra’s Oh, Hello EP.

This Ghetto release features all the slumped bass you’d expect from the sleaziest of G. The title track’s meandering chirps and intermittent wubs epitomize the EP, and prompt your ears to prep for the impending weird. Next up is “Work For It,” a slinking house track that drips along to a cavernous bassline. Seductive vocals remind us that this jam is no easy catch, ushering even more depth alongside its panning hi-hats. Finally, “My Show” ends on a proper house note, employing subtracted synths in all their aqueous glory. Again, the bassline here is top, at times turning this squirrelly tune into a trek through the rainforest. Amongst all the strangeness to be found, one thing’s for certain: don’t wait to swoop this up. J. Worra’s Oh, Hello EP is available now on Sleazy G via Beatport.