Music festivals are all about freedom of expression, and letting your freak flag fly. In recent years, the experience has taken a more pivotal role in how attendees enjoy a festival, rather than the music, but Unsound Festival in Poland is being faced with a difficult roadblock.

The festival, which began this past Sunday and continues until October 18, was forced to cancel various performances at a couple of churches because someone accused the promoters of Satanism.

In an anonymous letter to St. Catherine’s Church and the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Unsound was accused of promoting Satanism, “as preposterous as it is to even repeat,” says Unsound in an official statement.

“These accusations, initially made in a letter to St Catherine’s Church, are completely unfounded, unreasonable, and slanderous,” reads a statement from Unsound. “We of course categorically deny that Satanism is now or has ever been promoted at our festival. The goal of the Unsound festival has always been bringing artists and audiences together in the promotion of art and culture.”

Satanism might not have been the accusation used, had the festival not booked performances at various churches, leading this writer to believe there was some degree of malice behind the accusations. However, at this time, it is still unclear what the motive was.

Read the official statement from the festival here.


Source: Pitchfork