From some of the biggest names in electronic dance music to the newest guys just gaining traction, the scene appears to be constantly morphing with each new artist or act. From their musical upbringing to their hobbies, these points of interest really help shape the greater realm of electronic music as a whole. To talk about his roots and his music, I took some time to craft some questions for a relatively new face with an appetite for future bass that has molded him into someone to keep an eye out for in 2016. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Cofresi!

How was it growing up in Chicago? Do you have plans on moving any time soon or will that continue to be home base for awhile?

I grew up in Evanston, a city-burb right outside Chicago’s north side. It was great growing up there because there were always places to go, things to do, people to see, good food, good vibes and just good times. As I got older, I spent more time in the city. I started drumming with a few bands in high school and that brought me to different venues and places around Chicago. A few years later I ended up at Columbia College after getting a scholarship to DePaul and deciding to transfer because it wasn’t my vibe. Columbia is in the heart of Chicago and I spent so much time hanging out and performing in the city that it became my new home. After college, I worked for Apple on the gold coast before I started touring. Now, I live in Rogers Park with my girlfriend and I love it. California or Colorado have always seemed tempting to me, but I think this is going to be my home base for awhile.

Getting into drumming at four-years-old, what kept you focused on continuing to play with that instrument and paving a path to a music-based career?

Honestly, I just liked getting better and learning new things. I didn’t get a real drumset till 6th grade after studying just the snare itself for a full year. After that, I was beyond grateful and motivated to play full kit as much as possible. In high school, I took private lessons and joined some jazz and rock/funk/fusion groups, as well as marching band. All of those boosted my overall musicality and stylistic versatility.
In college, I became obsessed with r&b, hip hop and what we would like to call “gospel chops”. I met and worked with so many amazing musicians that there was just always something to do with drums. Working with one band in particular, Fly Phoenix, was the reason I got into electronic music and sparked my interest with fusing drums and production. After that, I started touring with probcause and that actually brought me into the whole scene of future music. All in all, I’ve just always had outlets and opportunities, so that what has kept me busy and motivated.

Aside from music, what is one other hobby or interest of yours that keeps your mind occupied?

If I had to pick one, it’s skateboarding. I’m obsessed. I can’t stop watching it, playing it, doing it and just geeking out about it. I actually work for a skate game/app called True Skate and that has lead me into being more apart of the Sake Industry with Street League (SLS). I’m always up to date with what’s going on in the skate scene and I just love the vibe, gnarliness and creativity that’s involved. Thrasher mag is my go to and I usually watch random skate clips while I’m waiting for something to render in Ableton or if I just need a break. I just went to the SLS championship in Chicago as a rep for True Skate and it was like a dream come true. I got to meet the pros and industry dudes and my love and respect for skating has only gotten stronger.

Will the world see Cofresi collaborate with other producers and musicians in the future? If so, who might they be or who would you like them to be?

Most definitely. I actually have my first legit collab dropping next week with NY-based producer, Flamingosis. It’s a refreshing and laid-back vibe that kinda cools the steam from the EP release. After that, I have a collab with a rapper/producer Sky Society and I’m working on 2 more collab tracks that will be out this winter. I feel much more confident as a “creative” and original artist now, making it easier and more interesting to collaborate. As far as people I would like to collab with… Alexander Lewis, Geotheory, Medasin, Misogi, Lido, Break Science, Oshi and Sam Gallantry, just to name a few.

What are some of your most recent musical influences? Were any of them inspiration for your new Nuveau EP?

My most recent influences are a combination of Mr. Carmack, Sam G, Lux Impala, Medasin, Geotheory, Lido, R3ll, anything being released on Soulection & Elysian, Too Future land future bass movement in general. All of these had a major influence on Nuveau and will continue to have an influence on my creativity, production and direction. If you haven’t heard any of these guys, check them out asap.

When did you first start work on the songs that eventually made it into this project? What was your frame of mind going into the Nuveau EP?

I started working on these songs while touring with ProbCause this past spring. I made so much of the EP on the road and would work on mixing and post production when I was home. I didn’t even think of making an EP until I had about 3 tracks going that seemed to fit a certain vibe. I was getting into searching for more worldly and far eastern sounds amidst the time I was listening to Carmack, Too Future series and discovering lots of new future bass artists. That combination essentially got me into making songs that are on Nuveau. I just dug the direction and kept making new ideas in that frame of mind.

Although your new EP, Nuveau,  has just come out, are there some new Cofresi originals or remixes on the way soon?

100%. Lot’s of new music, collabs and remixes are coming out in the near future. You’ll be sure to hear about it when they drop. That’s all I gotta say about that for now.

Because you are a major proponent in making future bass, who are two other producers/musicians in this same genre who you believe the music scene should look out for?

If I just had to pick 2 I would say Mr. Carmack and Sam Gellaitry. They are hands down 2 of the classiest and most progressive beat makers around today. They may have already established large and loyal fan bases, but there is still a mass number of people who have never heard of them outside of the future beats scene. I’m always looking forward to what these guys come out, and I highly recumbent checking them out if you haven’t already.
Check out Cofresi and his new Nuveau EP out now.