Brisbane-based artist collective The South East Grind has just released the latest in a short series of compilations, with twice the amount of content as their recent one-year anniversary EP. Simply titled The South East Grind Vol. 3, it boasts 15 tracks from as many artists, covering styles and production approaches from all corners of the spectrum. From fast-paced, complex rhythms to gradual, soulful crooners, there’s truly something for everyone. It is currently up for free download here.

XHVIL begins the journey with a laid back and bass-heavy original called “Void,” characterized by its relentless pokes of percussive synths and rippling sub. ONY takes the listener into a distorted and sample-saturated atmosphere full of vocal chops and funk melodies. Later on, William Crooks & Swindail combine their talents on “Alchemy,” a heavy, introspective piece with discordant atmospheric elements and a consistent, driving rhythm underneath. NAPKN turns up the hype with his contribution – a straight-forward trap slapper with harsh, metallic synths and a beat that could kill, called “Coup de Grace.” Thrill & Omniment create a melancholy environment with “I Miss You,” chock full of reverb and airy vocals. The┬ácompilation takes several major emotional turns, and keeps this listener guessing with each new start. It’s a complete and explorative collection of work.

Download the entire compilation for free here!