As much as we here at Your EDM dislike the DJ Mag Top 100 and all that it stands for, it’s hard to deny that the list and polls have actual influence in booking and payments.

However, this year’s results, more than any other time in history, prove just how much of a farce the supposed “Top 100” is. Up until the top 20, it was business as usual. It was easy to tell which DJs had bought their way in –  Tenishia, Diego Miranda – and the list that high up doesn’t really even matter anyway.

But once the top 20 began, the usual suspects began rolling in – Diplo, Nicky Romero, etc. But once again, it doesn’t matter until you get into the top 10. And again, it doesn’t matter until you get into the top 3.

We predicted earlier this year, based on a variety of statistics and observations, that Martin Garrix would win #1 DJ. When it was revealed that he was #3, our team’s mouths collectively dropped. But it was okay… Hardwell would win #1 for the third year in a row, and despicable Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike would win #2 again.

I can live with that…

But when Hardwell’s name was announced as #2, I fucking screamed. For a poll that I’ve told myself has absolutely no bearing on my life, I had what can only be described as an extreme visceral reaction. My blood pressure spiked, my hands started to shake, I started to sweat in anger and agony as our culture was degraded to these two impostors on stage. These two who are very well known to have BOUGHT VOTES. The two who have been at the forefront of the ghost producer controversy for years, and who have not gained the respect of a single talented or real DJ ever … are representing our cherished community as the #1 DJs in the world.

The only words that our staff can come up with to describe this situation is “fucking joke.”