Artist consistency these days seems underrated. It feels like a lot of artists are changing their sounds to adapt and end up falling flat, rather than staying true to creating a timeless sound. Thankfully, Mau5trap’s No Mana successfully continues to produce music that doesn’t serve to fit into whatever the flavor of the week is. Over the past year he’s kept his head down, which gained the attention of Deadmau5‘s imprint just in time for We Are Friends Volume 004. Now, No Mana is back with another insta-classic: “Tell Me.”

The best part of “Tell Me” is how nostalgic No Mana’s sound is on this one. The wavy synths chords are so reminiscent of early Mau5trap releases, especially once added to the hollow percussion that doesn’t weigh the track’s vocal down. It’s an ultra light progressive tune that’s sure to fit into almost any playlist. Listen below and buy a copy of the tune, which is available on iTunes right now.