Gnashing from the start, Usica’s “The Bizz” is a counterstrike to all the cookie cutter tracks plaguing the scene, and yes, it sounds like grimy demon clawing from the depths of dance.

Make no mistake, this is an aggravated assault on the current state of the music industry. With its dark and savage lead, “The Bizz” could quite literally be heard as a sonic representation of frustration. Usica’s use of throttling filters and kinetic sound design are a brilliant complement to the underlying message – just listen to the vocal samples. A slumped kick does well to support the wide open snarls, and the percussion is sharpened to precision. But enough talk, have a listen below and you’ll get the idea.

Usica is running a train on this thing we call EDM, and well, we quite like it. Grab “The Bizz” now as a free download, and be sure to tell him what you think of the business on his socials