You think Calvin Harris is rich at $66 million a year? Think again. EDM is still tiny compared to pop and Harris’s girlfriend proves it.

Making nearly 6x what her boyfriend makes, Taylor Swift is on track to make $365 million this year. According to MSN, she has raked in $1 million every day so far in 2015. Between her multi-platinum album which has sold over 5 million units, or her massive endorsement deals with corporations like Coke, she has money coming in from every direction.

Putting that in perspective in the hip hop world, “the three highest-earning hip-hop artists — Diddy, Jay Z, Drake — made almost half of that ($155.5 million) combined last year.” Putting it into perspective for the world of EDM, she makes more than the top 12 – and even top 15 – DJ/producers do combined.

The EDM industry is now worth nearly $7 billion, but that includes everything from merchandise, ticket sales, festivals, album sales, club bookings, and stage production worldwide.

At just 25 years old, Taylor Swift is showing just how powerful a brand can be.

Source: BusinessInsider