It’s early in the week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hyped with a brand new track from one of EDM’s most promising duos. You may have already caught a glimpse of FYER, the electronic/rock hybrid making waves due to their viral-ready music videos. Composed of members Bobby Duque (Skrillex‘s biological brother) and Gabriel Guardian, FYER combines dubstep/electro production with ripping guitar solos, and today they’ve exclusively shared their new track with Your EDM.

Titled “Bang Your Head”, this new track is themed appropriately for Halloween. Complete with spooky chords and electrifying guitar riffs, “Bang Your Head” explodes with a unique drop that may go down in history as one of Halloween’s best anthems. Eerie without scaring you from the dance floor, this new FYER track should make the perfect addition to your Halloween party playlist. We only wish we could hear more of Guardian’s remarkable guitar playing, but luckily this duo is only getting started in their producing career.

Listen to “Bang Your Head” below, and click the “Download” button to receive your free copy: