This one is for all the neuro heads and electro-swing gypsies out there! Bay Area underground champs Rook and Knowa Lusion have teamed up for a collaborative EP entitled Volume 1. It’s an insanely diverse collection of tunes, spanning everything from moombahton to experimental video-game sounds. And to further pique your interest, you can get an exclusive first listen of the single ‘I Got A New Lady’ right here, right now.

One of the strongest tunes on Volume 1 for certain, this track demonstrates Knowa Rook‘s ability to flawlessly blend genres. The swampy, expansive bass-lines of neuro-hop form an unexpectedly pristine backdrop for the sultry cries of violins and celestial synthwork present throughout the interludes. The breakdowns are populated by sub-bass as thick as molasses, which squelches and twists around glitchy vocal stutters and and a funky backbeat. It’s definitely a must listen, so check it out after the jump; make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the full release as well, due out next week (10/27) on Street Ritual.


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