Deadmau5 announced that he would be releasing his upcoming album several months from now in January, but one deadmau5 fan has seemingly ripped a copy of a track that we’ve so far been unable to ID. It leaves us to posture whether or not the track is an unreleased track that will feature on his upcoming album.

SoundCloud user nü shit [IDs] claims to have ripped the track directly off a deadmau5 live stream set on October 9th. The intricate chord work and arpeggio melodies of the track are indeed very Deadmau5-esque, and actually remind us a lot of “My Pet Coelacanth” from while (1<2).

While we’re still not sure whether or not this really is in fact a new deadmau5 WIP, VIP, or even some kind of a live edit, you can preview it below and decide for yourself.