DJ White Shadow is probably a name you aren’t quite used to seeing here at Your EDM, but let’s take a quick crash course. DJWS is quite frankly one of those names that is bigger than EDM. The Life on Planes head-honcho & Producer DJ has worked with prolific talent such as Lady Gaga and has production laurels for series such as Sonic The Hedgehog and Yu-Gi-Oh! We could go on and on about this gent’s career, but let’s just jump to the meat.

Teaming up with a long running hype-fav in EDM, Fatman Scoop, DJWS has delivered a very groovy tune, WaFfLe. The best way to describe the piece might just be G-Bounce. WaFfLe  boasts a cocky ass bassline that definitely has a G-House feel to it, but kicks up the tempo with a bit of a bounce flair. The Melbourne influence gives the tune a lot of mainstream appeal, while maintaining elements that could please most House Music purists.

Fatman Scoop, as always is on point. As the walking, breathing, yelling embodiment of a hypeman, Scoop pushes the track along with a definite sense of intensity and progression. Literally, every track he’s on makes us want to fuck shit up, solid stuff. Peep the tune below, out via Life On Planes


DJWS ft. Fatman Scoop – WaFfLe (Original Mix)