Producers Mayhem and Antiserum need no introduction. Representing the heaviest and most visceral end of the dubstep spectrum, they’ve combined their earth-shattering, sonic talents into a collaborative EP titled Seven Deadly Sins to go alongside their tour of the same name.

The two take the listener through an epic journey full of screeching, metallic synths and deep, resounding growls that come – appropriately – in seven different flavors. With features on three of the EP’s tracks by Bulletproof, MACTurnUp and Ricky Remedy, the variety and attention to detail on each is enough to warrant a focused listen.

From low, rumbling heaters to slow and ethereal crooners, the EP has something for everyone who frequents the bass music circuit. Hype hip hop vocals, groovy deep house and warbling future bass segments all make an appearance on Seven Deadly Sins, all worthy of being played out on the main stage.

The associated tour will touch down in 30 cities all through the U.S. and Canada. Mayhem and Antiserum wil be supported by Apashe, JSTR, Boombox Cartel and Ricky Remedy. For all dates and details, visit the official website here.

Listen to the EP in full below, and visit individual tracks for free downloads.