These days it appears everyone is so focused on what is or what is not “EDM” or “electronic music”. So many artists under scrutiny, fans pitted against one another, and it’s all just so meaningless. It’s times like these where I turn to artists like ECHOS, who reside in no particular genre, and are on no specific side of the electronic genre spectrum. They just released their own beautiful rendition of “The Hills” by The Weekend Mr. Suicide Sheep, and it’s exactly the breath of fresh electronic air we have all been needing.

The vocals are hollow yet wholesome, and provide an incredible feminine touch to the track. The production itself is positively seductive, and entices all of the senses with trap snares and a full deep bass line. ECHOS has been enchanting their fan base for a few years now, providing exemplary vocal covers as well as different and ambitious compositions that can make any electronic music cover swoon. It’s so wonderful to have artists like ECHOS out there, to hold up a white flag among all of the consistent debate this industry endures each day. I for one, am completely memorized by them, and I cannot wait to see what else is to come from this dynamic duo. Be sure to listen to more from ECHOS by following them on their social media links below.