It is customary for the dance music community to take a viral song and remix the fuck out it. Hell, I still see a random “Latch” remix pop up every once in a while. With Diplo controlling the airwaves this summer, no pop song really broke through to the EDM community to be remixed, but the second Adele released “Hello,” I knew it was only a matter of time before the floodgates opened.

Kicking remix season off this time are the EC Twins. This Manchester duo spent the summer making tons of retro-chic disco tunes like “Number One” and “Lady Love” for their label¬†Twin Turbo Records.¬†Now they’re back, with a much more modern tune that’s sure to go over well on any dance floor. The EC Twins do well to keep most of Adele’s vocals so everyone who’s obsessed with this song (aka me) can sing along as much as possible. Also props to keeping it more progressive, rather than overselling it and making an awkward electro house tune with Adele’s stunning vocals. As far as remixes go, the bar has been officially set. Listen to the tune in full below or pick up a free download.

EC Twins – EVERYBODY is talking about this Adele remix. WOW | Facebook