Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jeffrey Alexander, a man responsible for helping craft and pioneer the success of many accomplished artists, including his own career. Aside from all this well-deserved fame in the industry, he’s making it clear with this new project is genuine portrait of the man he really is. In his words:

“My greatest fear has always been not being judged a success. I have used this drive to produce and tour music for mass audiences, record and build careers for other artists, create large scale live experiences.”

It was this experience however that brings him to this project:

The inspiration to ignore everything that music can do for me and be driven by what music means to me led to the
creation of this project. To share just what that meaning is, I must start at the beginning.

His newest track, “How I Want You To Feel” is a replication of just that. Re-visiting the style of music that first inspired him to dream and create, Jeffrey’s highly talented production flourishes in this four minute masterpiece.

This is the most honest and personal thing I have ever created. And I hope you find something in it to enjoy.

I can’t wait to see what he has next, but for now listen below and grab your free download!