As a music fan, scalping is one of the worst things you can partake in. Scalping is the act of purchasing tickets for an event and artificially marking up the price to make a profit. In small quantities, such as a couple tickets at a time outside of sporting events, it doesn’t hurt anyone. But over the past few years, seedy individuals with a bit of programming knowledge have created bots to automatically purchase dozens or hundreds of tickets to events. These individuals then put the tickets up on sites like StubHub where they can set their own price.

In an effort to fight against scalping and bots, Live for Live Music has created a petition to bring awareness to the BOTS Act, sponsored by Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The bill will be introduced to congress, but it still needs support. Sign the petition here to show that you do not support scalping and illegal inflation of prices. It already has 17,000 signatures, but the goal is 25,000. You can help!