“Last night a DJ saved my life, come save my life and party down with The Hoff.”

Hide the tanning oil, lock up the floaties, hold everything!!! David Hasselhoff is taking aim at dance culture and we can’t look away. The Baywatch star is has been cast as the lead role in Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, a musical celebrating ’90s club culture at its finest, set in the world’s party capital of Ibiza.

Not to be confused with the charity or book of the same name, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life centers around a daughter falling in love with a boy, but the girl’s father (David Hasselhoff) is not about to allow any hanky panky go down on his watch. There’s all the faux DJing you could ask for, and perhaps just a few too many flared collars for our taste. Sure, musicals aren’t something we normally get excited about, but it’s The Hoff, it’s Ibiza, and even if it’s horrible it will still be hilarious. And don’t worry, they won’t be defiling any classics from Carl Cox or Richie Hawtin; the music itself is nothing at all like what you’d hear on a modern romp through the island, opting instead for tunes from the likes of the Venga BoysSpice Girls, and Snap! (think “Rhythm Is A Dancer”). Peep the trailer below, and check out the website for more information about the show.


H/T Mixmag