Four artists released albums this year you should be aware of: Joker, Hudson Mohawke, Swindle, and Rustie.

Rustie was the last of the bunch of producers, all of which dabble in the purple sound of UK bass masic. Each has their own individual take on the sound, with Rustie’s being explicitly more ethereal. His latest album, this year’s EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, is fortunately easier to listen to than it is to type out.

Distinctly trap-adjacent, but indistinctly something greater, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE manages to excite from start to finish. Unlike much of his previous work, this album featured no outside contributions from vocalists or instrumentalists, instead arriving as a pure collection of Rustie’s own unfiltered visions. From front to back, the album feels familiar. The stuttering, distorted synthesizers, squashed kick drum and melancholy yet powerfully hopeful melodies instantly categorize themselves as coming from Rustie’s signature style. There are few tracks on this album that you’ll find any sort of prolonged silence in, as Rustie uses constant layers of droning, atmospheric noise and echoes to create a unique sonic environment for each. Vague vocal chops and loops often ring out in the distance behind the main chords, personifying the songs’ fiercely computerized arpeggios and spastic percussion.

EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is filled to the brim with epic anthems and inspiring rhythms that pull the listener to participate and attach themselves to their underlying, emotional base.

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