LondonBridge, a member of the new SPACE  YACHT record label, is an artist I have on my personal ‘ones to watch’ list for 2016 and this track does nothing but reaffirm my belief in this guy.

The track “Jiggling Baby,” an anthemic house tune, is nothing short of a banger. With one of the catchiest vocal samples I have heard all year, “Jiggling Baby” builds slowly with a delicious kick and a vibey synth pattern that slivers its way into the ear canal like a model covered in crisco down a Slip N Slide.

I could talk about this track all day but I’d much rather let the stream do the talking!

You can celebrate the release of “Jiggling Baby”, the launch of Space Yacht’s label, and the dance underground tonight at Golden Box in LA with sets from Londonbridge, Boots N Pants, Candleweather, 219 Boys, and other surprise guests. RSVP here.

Follow LondonBridge here below!