It is easy to forget that amongst the new tunes and fresh news we report from musicians and DJs on this site that sometimes, some good can come from the electronic dance music scene. From major artists giving back to their fans to ravers helping out fellow ravers experience music festivals at the fullest, rave culture can be a force for good.

In this case, we look at the story of Matthew Fernandez, a sixteen-year-old who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and has improved his finger dexterity and arm mobility by gloving. Although Matthew’s condition has impaired certain aspects of his life, his start with gloving came from mimicking hand motions and gestures his older brother Mike could do. Mike’s talent came from his involvement as a founder of the gloving crew known as Puppet Masters (PM) and that level of skill became a new inspiration for self-expression for his younger brother. Taking him under his wing, Mike helped Matthew in practicing gloving and in the course of two months, his family noticed that Matthew’s physical and emotional statuses had changed tremendously for the better.

The company that made the gloves and many more electronic dance music apparel, EmazingLights, heard Matthew’s story through his parents. In response, the company invited Matthew and his family to their headquarters where he got a tour of their offices and took a photo with their CEO. After his trip to EmazingLights’ HQ, Matthew became a mini-celebrity in his high school and a role model to other handicapped students.

Matthew’s story doesn’t end there, however. Moving the glove manufacturing company the way he did, EmazingLights decided to create a webpage and charity posting Matthew’s story and a charity initiative called Glove 4 Glove. The objective with G4G is that for every glove set they sell, the company will share another set with someone less fortunate in the hopes that they too can have a positive outlook with the help of their products.

Check out the story of Matthew and other glovers whose lives have changed thanks to dancing in a way they can express it on the Glove 4 Glove page here.